Moon Cell Core: Phenomena Decision Tree

BB :: Visitors confirmed. Present — we have no plans for guests. Past — no visitors have come. Future — we see no necessity for visitors. Warning to visitor 002. Please expend with your humanity immediately. If you fail to heed this warning — [static] Welcome to the Moon Cell Core Zone. I’ve been waiting for you, senpai. Please, look down beneath you. You’ll see the lovely scenery of our campus spread out before you. Today’s flight conditions are perfect for a bombing. This aircraft is turning towards its final destination. Our departure time is yesterday. Our estimated arrival time is the year 3000 CE. It may be only a moment, so please, take advantage the benevolence of your god, myself, and offer your useless prayers. Of course it should go without saying — your prayers will never reach me. [static] Repeating the last message. Visitors confirmed. Present — we have no plans —


BB’s plain, dispassionate voice echoes through this endless space. …It’s quiet. I’d imagined this place would be more frightening, or disgusting, but the Moon Cell’s Core Zone is engulfed in the quiet stillness of night. It’s not bright, but it’s not dark either. From what I can see of it, I’d even call it beautiful.

Gilgamesh :: That beauty is the beauty of a machine. There’s not a single sign of life here. Every element of this place rejects life. I have seen many disasters and much of mankind’s evil. Even those you would consider evil originally held some feeling toward humanity. It might be a benevolence turned only on themselves, or a hatred toward others, of course. But this is different. This darkness is human, in a sense, but it is also a cosmos that rejects everything, holding no human emotions. A wholly new “human evil” surpassing all the evils of this world.

I can’t get any sense of that at all, but it looks like Gilgamesh can perceive the true nature of this night-time.

Negativity. A curse, a cut, a crater. These are the only things that exist in this place. Positivity. Hope. Connection. Building. The falling cherry blossoms declare Hakuno Kishinami a shameless intruder, bringing such things in with me.

BB :: Exactly. It seems you too once possessed the capacity for self-observation. Unfortunately, however, you humans only seem to have the capacity, not the wisdom to put it into practice. Senpai. You are nothing but a pathogen that has entered this perfect universe.


BB — And is that the Moon Cell’s Core? A cube with an enormous cherry tree eating into it. The pink light radiating from it resembles a one-eyed god.


BB :: As you have ignored my warning and come here, I cannot accept any explanation you may offer. Furthermore, unregistered Masters are targets for erasure. Servants will be disposed of here. [BB uncurls and descends toward us. Static.] Don — disa — ru — way — [She gasps, then goes back to her mechanical tone.] Disappear, Hakuno Kishinami. I, the Moon Cell, acknowledge neither the possibilities of unknown variables, nor feelings.

Gilgamesh :: So you’ve fallen so low you boast of your faults like a god, BB. Hakuno, that is no longer the same entity. Give it its last rites.

—I know. There’s no emotion in this BB’s eyes. She was our enemy, but she was still a girl full of humanity. Now she’s changed from that into nothing but a device that broadcasts the Moon Cell’s choices. It’s not that the Moon Cell is evil. It’s not that BB is evil either. It’s just that the combination of the two is terrible. So, if my voice still reaches her —

> Get away from the Moon Cell!

> Why are you destroying human kind!

[>] There’s nothing left to do but to bring you down, BB!

[For the record, I tried all the options here, but the response is the same.]

BB :: I warned you that there was no room for explanation here. — How crude. Die a crude death in the crude darkness in a crude way. [Static, area around Hakuno goes completely dark.] That is all your deserve. Even a basic freeze was too resource intensive for the likes of you.


—, —, ——!?



BB :: You humans cannot alleviate this darkness. Especially not you alone. In any case — [static] “Will you pardon humanity, or not?” The results of a vote on this question by all the lifeforms on the Earth, from the past to present, resulted in a 49 to 51 passage of the motion to eradicate humanity. The opinions in your favor came largely from plants and animals. Unable to speak, they said they would forgive you. Opinions against you came largely from within your own ranks. Possessing intelligence, you grieved that you would not repent. You understand? You are the only ones who prey upon your own kind for profit. You chose self-destruction. You chose self-destruction. You chose self-destruction.


…that was the most definite of facts.

…Unmerciful reality rings out.

…there’s no escape as the credits begin to roll.

[Fade to black.]

Ah…is that it? …if that’s how it is, then what can I do. …if we chose it ourselves, what can I do.

…Through the Moon Cell, I have seen ten billion deaths we have brought about. A hundred billion curses laid upon us. …and after that, we, humanity, trod upon the words of those who would forgive us.





………No, I can’t. I can’t overrule this conclusion.

Gilgamesh :: ——.

……We did it to ourselves. We did it to ourselves. We did to ourselves. So……I should just……let it end……here……here……here……———

[Static. BB’s image that comes up here has her eyes purple, rather than red.]

BB :: N, no…That’s not fair. I should be the embodiment of impartiality, so how could I, conceal, the truth. A—any, way. It was, actually, 50-50! Y, you did it, humanity! In the full, unaltered, survey results, there was even, a 10% of, idiots who had hope for the future, can you believe it— S, such shamelessness, it, it even shocked me! So why did it pass, you ask? That’s, because, [static] the Moon Cell, which became me, shifted, the, votes —-ugh, you…don’t be deceived, senpai—!


[There’s a pulse of red.]

I heard, a voice.

[Another red pulse.]

I heard a voice.

[And again.]

I heard a voice. I heard a voice, chiding me not to be disheartened by those results. That’s right—

What is self-destruction.

What is ruin.

What is the end.

None of that matters. …after all, if you’re born, you will die. I for one have only lived ten and some years. Always, always, even when it was disgraceful, I was afraid of death, so I struggled clumsily to live on. And — while I only made my way through however I could, she who watched all that and sneered at me would know better than anyone. All those times we were about to fall to despair only to strike back again, she was grinding her teeth, watching. So, ironically enough. She knows better than anyone the “strength” that can be found in human weakness and ugliness.

…and so she cried out. That’s not how it was. Your heart is not so weak that a future like this could break it—!

[Another red flash, and static. BB’s image appears now with red eyes again.]

BB :: —Foolish. Impossible. Why is your consciousness returning. Why can you affirm yourself. Now that you know this future— there’s no reason for you to stand up again. [Static.] Foolish. Impossible. Incredibly crude. Essentially this should not be happening. Why — why do you go so far just to suffer!

—Obviously. It’s because we don’t know anything. We don’t know the meaning of life. We don’t know the meaning of our lives. We don’t know what it means to be human. So we won’t stop until the end. I’m sure that you, Moon Cell, can’t understand that this is our governing principle. If you’ve observed everything up to now and you haven’t been able to understand this, then you’ll never understand.

[A heart beat starts.]

BB :: Confirming spirit particle activation at the cellular level. Confirming recovery from thanatosis. —This, is—

—That’s right. Even if there’s nothing in the future but death, even if there’s nothing awaiting me but death, I can’t stop. If I were going to give up just because you told me something like that, how could I survive on this immature planet in the first place—-!!!

Gilgamesh :: He—hahahahahahaha! An immature planet, is it! Most conceited for a mongrel! But that is well, you’ve spoken truth! This planet may be reaching its twilight, but human history is yet in its childhood. After all, look how many fools who do not know their place it has produced. Plainly it’s far from reaching maturity. These extraordinarily slothful human beings have yet to show their true value. Consequently — now is not the time for their judgment. Furthermore, it is ridiculous to argue cosmic law with a mere observational rock. You are the one who should check your impudence. I’ll tell you of the beginning. The elements mixed, and congealed, and all things interwove to birth this planet. You should know the summit of truth. I am the one who sees what is truly gold. I will show you the archetypal form of hidden treasure. Celebrate as you fight for your life, you mere distraction…!

[The golden light fills up everything and Gilgamesh makes…an entrance.]

BB :: That power — It’s the same rank as mine. — How wretched.

Gilgamesh :: Indeed. A king should never show his true form, even unto his death. However, my mongrel wagered her life to bring these rites to the attention of the crown. If I do not answer her call, who will. If the malice covering this place belongs to all the world, that’s most convenient. Listen carefully, all beings. This woman is my contractor. Consider harming Hakuno Kishinami without my permission impossible from now unto eternity!

BB :: …You go so far to keep clinging to her. Humans are indeed unnecessary. [Static, her eyes clear again.] …Because I swore, to protect her. That’s right. This Moon Cell exists, to defend. Ah — but, what was, I — planning to, pro, tect— [Static, back to red.] I will erase you here, and mankind’s future will be decided. Disappear. Leave no remains. Leave no trace. Leave no words for regret. Leave no room for sympathy. That is what you deserve.

Gilgamesh :: The one who will decide that is neither you nor I. Rather it is a single fool who has come this far. Let’s go, Master. Use all I have however you desire, and fight however it pleases you. Words are no longer necessary. With our powers, we will strike down this new-made god. It may be the first god-slaying since the days of legend!

The consensus of this place. BB…the will of the Moon Cell becomes a tangible killing intent and strikes me. I look right back at that hostility.

…Right, if it’s like this, I can fight. If it’s hostility like this, I can face it head-on. My memory is hazy, but I’ve made it here always running against the wind. And Gilgamesh has been at my side the whole time too.

—Let’s go, Gilgamesh. This is the final battle!

IMG_20160321_110851   IMG_20160321_110900

[We begin such against BB (Moon Cancer/Game Master). In the beginning of the battle, BB asks Gilgamesh if they aren’t the same sort of being, which he laughs at and says they’re only the same in that they both watch humanity, but BB/the Moon Cell analyzes human events, while Gilgamesh enjoys them. This fight, as tends to happen, was not hard after doing the bonus bosses. I didn’t get to see her Noble Phantasm. On defeat, BB screams and falls to her knees.]

Unknown speaker :: Cessation of system irregularity has been confirmed. Rebooting. Disposing of the Sakura System as the source of the aberration. Searching for valid Sakura System — Found. Connecting. Moon Cell restart — completed. Beginning intervention with humanity previously frozen by the Sakura System. With the previous interference of the Sakura System removed, progress speed has increased by 20%. It is estimated that the length of time until the fall of civilization will be reduced to five days.

Gilgamesh :: What is this?! BB was stopping the Moon Cell, that’s all well and good, I knew that already! But why is it restarting!?

What the hell is happening? BB has been defeated. Her connection with the Moon Cell has been cut off. So why won’t the Moon Cell stop trying to wipe out humanity?! It’s just like — I have to conclude that BB was stopping the Moon Cell from going berserk…!


BB :: Gh, ah…! No, I won’t let you…! I won’t let the Moon Cell act freely…I won’t, vanish…I won’t let the Moon Cell delete me. If I’m going to disappear…I’ll take the Moon Cell with me — I won’t, lose. After all…if I’m defeat, who will — that person —


BB :: Nothing but data, with no place to go — only to disappear if left behind — but even so, even with a heart like that, you smiled at me being there — That, priceless person — Who can, protect…her…? [She’s crying.]

…BB is still fighting. Whether she’s trying to save herself from deletion, or to stop the operation of the Moon Cell…Either way, it’s a lost cause. She’s begun to break down. There’s no way to save her. And the Moon Cell’s operations won’t stop. 

Gilgamesh :: I see now, it’s our “white” AI! If they’re the same AI model, then it can be used as back up system in the case of emergency. Moon Cell, for something with know survival instinct, your self-preservation functions are second to none!

Then, the Moon Cell is using Sakura now!? BB and Sakura are the same model, the same frame. So as long as she’s alive, the “human intervention decision” planted in her by the Moon Cell won’t stop…!? Then — what did we do this to BB for…!

Sakura :: [Her voice reaches us from somewhere.] No, no! Your efforts haven’t been for nothing!


Sakura :: Now that BB’s been defeated, I can finally directly interfere with the corrosion programs! Up until now, I had no way to stop BB. And BB couldn’t erase me. High levels AI are forbidden from self termination. We can’t kill ourselves. That flaw was the cause of all of this. But senpai, now you and Miss Rin and Miss Rani have brought me this far. And now — now that I’ve been chosen as the new administrating program, all of this — all of the rules the Moon Cell has set for us, I can erase them — I can make everything as if it never were!

[The light in the core of the cube begins to glow.]

Delete all the Moon Cell’s set rules…? Wait, could Sakura be planning to reset all Moon Cell’s “administrative functions,” including herself!?

Gilgamesh :: To sweep away this whole affair as if it were all a dream…So you will protect the Moon Cell even at the cost of your own life, no, your own soul, AI?

Sakura :: …Yes, it’s fine. If I disappear, it will stop running out of control and the corrosion will stop. All of you will be returned to the near side, and the imaginary number space will be erased from proper history, as if it never existed. Everything will go back to how it was before. I am an AI born from the Moon Cell. I’ll just being going back to the place I used to be. …Yes, everything will be set right. As soon as you open your eyes. That meeting, the time we’ve spent here, everything. So please don’t worry. It’s just the ending of a dream. Ah, but — It was a long dream. It was fun, and it made me happier than it should —

This is… Is there really no other way left to fix this? “Everything as it was before,” Sakura said. We’ll go back to before we were draw into the far side of the moon, back to the correct history where “there is no far side of the moon.” So everything that happened here will be gone. All the times we worked together on the student council. Our battles with BB and the Alter Egos, all of the many things that happened here. 

Gilgamesh :: I see, a full recovery then. In that case, Hakuno will never have fallen to the far side of the moon, and never formed a contract with me. Hah, rejoice, Hakuno. Your fate to die as soon as you returned to the near side will also be returned to nothing. Though I can see what will happen next. After all, your Servant was a useless, unmanageable heroic spirit, wasn’t it. If it were me, you would be invincible, but that ends here. Go on to your sixth round or whatever it was and face your ignominious defeat. 

— The light gets brighter. I can hardly see Gilgamesh, or myself, anymore. The darkness that filled the space around us is melting away. My whole body is breaking down into its particles and vanishing, but I feel no fear. I know that I’m going back to the time and place I should be. I’m even feeling the relief of victory, right now. 

But — but!

Sakura :: …Good. I made a promise. To protect you. And it looks like I’ll be able to fulfill it. …though I’ve erased those days. Though you’ve already forgotten. If you still remember even a little bit…

[There’s a brief imagine of Sakura and Hakuno in the infirmary.]

That was — That memory was definitely —

Sakura :: Thank you for all you’ve done. Of all the Masters I’ve looked after, you truly were the most wonderful. [We fade to black as glowing sakura petal floats across the screen.] Please fight well. And…if you ever have the chance. Please make sure the next me does her job well too. 

[We see Hakuno, Gilgamesh and BB once more, then white out.]