I stop in front of my room. This is the room I’ve been using during the Holy Grail War. It’s a place where my Servant…whose class I can’t remember…and I have prepared for countless battles. But…what heroic spirt was my Servant…? Since I woke up in the infirmary, I haven’t been able to clearly recall. My mind gets slow. But, somehow —

Beyond that door are ruins, and as soon as I open it the Moon Cell will delete me, and Hakuno Kishinami’s Holy Grail War will be over. That’s the clear premonition I’m getting. 

I can’t accept that. I haven’t lost yet. I’ve beaten Julius and advanced to the sixth round, after all. …but on some level, I also accept it. That Hakuno Kishinami should already have vanished, in some other place. …I was only saved by a surprise move just shy of a foul. You only break the rules once, so they call it a miracle. No second chances. No exceptions. As soon as I open this door, I’ll be erased from this time axis. 

But that’s all right. That’s all right, I’ve decided. I put my hand to door. It’s time to pay my dues. 

…and so, Hakuno Kishinami’s Holy Grail War ended.

[In side the room, we are met with Gilgamesh sitting a naked on some cloth-draped chairs.]

— Er. What’s with this streaking…?


Gilgamesh :: Hn. I came here early, but this room is shabby too, it seems. Truly, its humbleness suits you. But let’s not vent dissatisfactions just now. Having come over to this side, I’ve had to give up ninety percent of my belongings. I must resign myself to this penury for the time being.

— I remember. I remember —! That’s the irregular Servant I contracted with on the far side of the moon, Gilgamesh…! That’s right, we solved the incident BB caused on the far side of moon…!

Gilgamesh :: Good, you’ve put your memories in order swiftly. Having contracted with a denizen of the far side like myself, you are entirely different from other Masters. Those events are now a dream, but the battle you unfolded was real. Therefore, I am here.

I — I, don’t really get it, but. I didn’t think Gilgamesh could come to this side?!

Gilgamesh :: I’ve broken that rule. When I woke up, I happened to set out on a pleasure trip. In addition, I looked into the matter of your Servant on this side. The class was Berserker, but…as soon as they lost sight of you, they severed your contract. You’ve been abandoned by your own dog. I hadn’t imagined that much would happen. If you were disqualified for lack of a Servant before you could even be defeated in the sixth round, I’d never live it down. Even if brief, you were contracted with with me. You can only go out if you fight with all your strength and find it insufficient.

Gilgamesh speaks dispassionately. I stare dumbfounded at the arrogance I’ve long since grown used to. The feelings filling my chest are surprise and, something. I don’t really know what, but I can’t hold back a smile.

Gilgamesh :: So, what will you do? There is one available Servant here, but. If you aim for the summit, you may take my hand. Now is the time to sacrifice those command seals. 

I take the hand he offers me. I use two command spells, leaving one remaining. First, that the two of us are equal. I swear on the vow of the seal, to acknowledge, respect, and if necessary oppose each other’s convictions. And the second is —


Gilgamesh :: —I see. A good vow, Hakuno. With this, I see it will be worth swinging my sword here. Let’s go, Master. Our aim is the Moon Cell Core, the seraphic throne. As long as I’m here, you will blast away all obvious conclusions. 

— That’s right. I can’t stop here. I look once more at the flower petal in my hand. …It’s all become a dream know, but I know that girl was there. The girl who defied the Moon Cell in order to protect something. Maybe if I keep going I’ll find out what it was she wished for. The battle continues. Until the day I reach the core of moon that lies beyond the seven seas —


— So it is said.

Holding a small, weak sword, you broke a large, strong wall.

The crown of victory is beyond the end of the seven seas.

With uncounted rewards and punishments in hand, you fought to the end to survive.

That process itself is your chief proof. 

You run, traverse, break your way through everything to succeed.

You look fondly on the destruction that is your last repose.

— The night of your end had come.


…Thus the battle ended. The one who wishes for a war covering the whole earth has vanished. And the hands of girl who, like him, was no one in particular. What was granted to the victor? Who were the survivors? Was the all-powerful wishing device really able to grant wishes? 

The one who knows the answers to these questions is now quietly breaking into pieces. The Moon Cell, the eyes of god, transforms the future according to the wish of the one who obtains it. That function is already gone. The Moon Cell Automaton has changed itself. For in accordance with Hakuno Kishinami’s so very human wish, it’s cut its connection with the Earth. 

Good night — the sound of eyelids closing. 

Sleep well — the sound of light going out. 

…Please, be at peace. The observational device is again becoming the dreaming device it once was. 

— Thus, everything end—

Unknown speaker :: [That is, Gilgamesh.] No, it doesn’t. Could you be any more stupid, Moon Cell? There’s no reason the winner should disappear on achieving perfect victory! If you have no need for her, then I’ll take her!

A bright light that seems to pierce my eyelids. A sound like the uproar of a million beings going to and fro. 

Gilgamesh :: So we’ve arrived at last? Try using it because it’s instantaneous, and it’s a navigational leap. But that is well. This is just the scenery I ordered. Open your eyes, Hakuno. How long are you going to sleep? 

Obeying the voice, I open my cemented eyelids. And there I see —

There before my eyes is, literally, a different world. The peak of a vertical tower dotted with enormous monuments. I’m standing at a height of 600 meters in the upper air. A dance of lights spreads out before my eyes. At first I thought it was a shining sea, but it’s the activity. A golden city that seems to go on forever. A highway of spirit particles crossing the sky. Ah, this is a port. I can intuitively sense this is an airport. Then, is this tower the control tower? I’m now looking out onto an unknown world overflowing with light —


Gilgamesh :: Hmph. How boring. You aren’t even that surprised. I was hoping for you be stunned by this scenery and take a hasty step forward, falling to the ground…

And this Servant is the worst, as always. Just to be clear, it’s not that I’m not surprised. It’s just that I’ve gone past surprise into incomprehension. I won the Holy Grail War. I entered the Moon Cell Core, resolved everything, and was consequently disassembled. 

And yet…and yet.

I open my eyes, and I’m right in the middle of what is plainly some science fiction world. You should really be giving me lavish praises for not fainting on the spot. Or, no, before that, an explanation…! Explain where this is and what happened! And why aren’t you wearing a shirt!?

Gilgamesh :: This place? This is another spirit-particle fabricated world, separate from the SE.RA.PH. The spirit particle network of a different celestial body. For the Moon Cell can’t accept you, and will delete you no matter what. So we’re giving up on the Moon Cell, and flew off to some other star, any one that had sapient life that consumes and advances itself would do. Well — indeed, we’ve gone about 1500 light years away from Earth, but let that pass. It’s a trifling matter compared to this scenery!

Hahahahaha, the King of Heroes laughs merrily. Um…a different celestial body? We just flew here? 1500 light years away? Are we at Orion or something?

Gilgamesh :: No, somewhere before that, I believe? Come, look at the sky. Can’t you see a nebula shaped like a horse’s head?

Don’t “can’t you see?” me. Wh — King of Heroes, what have you done for me — !

Gilgamesh :: No need to be so jubilant, you’ll make me blush. Were you largely satisfied with that conclusion? Did you wish to quietly disappear?

That’s…yes, I was. I thought that was the only way, and I’d resolved to go through with it, though in my heart I didn’t want to disappear. But, I thought — that would have been too greedy —

Gilgamesh :: You can be as greedy as you may. But I for one couldn’t abide it. Also. There’s one thing you’re lacking. I thought I would tell you. 

Something I’m lacking…? Even as immature and inadequate as I am, something lacking…?

Gilgamesh :: You can’t tell? The joy of seeing something new. The instinct that makes the heart race at things strange and unknown. The thrill of enriching your own life — in a word, pleasure. 

Spreading his arms wide, Gilgamesh indicates the city below our eyes. And unknown world spreads out before us. A world never seen before. A future I can walk, challenge, run through freely. 

Gilgamesh :: You are quite proficient in worries and cares, but rankly unskilled at enjoying yourself. There can be no argument there. But in this new world I think you’ll learn it, whether you want to or not. The joy of living. The meaning of life, as they call it. After all, this is a new land even I have never seen. There’s no way your heart won’t be leaping. So how is it, Hakuno Kishinami? You know you’re now standing at the forefront of the human race?

Gilgamesh begins to smile, and extends a hand to me. As always, there’s something cruel in that smile, but it’s filled with the joy of a pioneer. The hand he offers is not a handshake, but an invitation to come with him. 

— I sigh, and swallow my deep exasperation. I’m sure I’ll find a whole mountain of objections later, but right now, I can’t think of any complaints. After all, just he said, what I’m seeing right now is the “future” that takes precedence over everything else. 

Gilgamesh :: Precisely. Now, shall we leap into a new journey? We go forth to conquer the great sea of stars. One day the whole human race may get to enjoy this, but now you and I will have the first taste, Master!

I take his outstretched hand in mine. In this new world where even he has no great standing, I nod to my partner, who puts on airs even here as a level one nobody.

— This is the last scene of this log. Even now the future rushes forward. Humanity spreads yet further. Aiming for the “ending” we’ll reach one day. And I have, having contracted with an extraordinary heroic spirit, will be beginning my journey now. 

…So, I pray. That the great king’s journey will end before his unreasonable demands completely exhaust me —