One summer when I came into possession of some spare time, and wanted to both work on my Japanese vocabulary and play Fate/Extra CCC, I undertook to play the aforementioned game (with the help of a dictionary). I decided to keep a blog of this effort for the purposes of fun and giving myself some accountability.

Since then I’ve become a student studying Japanese full time in Osaka, and so do not have all the free time I might like for projects like this, but I still update when I can!


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. I really love your work of translating Fate/Extra CCC! thanks so much for putting this here for everyone to see. I can enjoy most of the game now thanks to you without missing out on the amazing story!

    my only question for you is: will you ever be playing through the game as female MC + Archer? I understand if not, just wanted to ask ;w;

    thanks again, loving the story so far! great translations by the way, you did a very nice job!

    • Glad to help! I hope to do an Archer playthrough in the future, with female protagonist (the male one doesn’t get all the Archer scenes, so it’s a clear choice there). It probably won’t be for some time though as I’ll need to finish the current playthrough and I want to do a Saber one before getting to Archer.

  2. wow that’s great! makes me very happy to see that you’ll get around to it eventually ^^

    you’re the only person i could find who is kind enough to make such thorough translations so I don’t mind waiting!

    thanks so much, this news has made my day \o/

  3. I’ve finally reached the end of the translation! it’s so amazing, thanks again for all your hard work!

    I look forward to the next entry ❤

  4. nosohryuforyou said:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog a few days ago and have been marathoning it ever since. Thanks so much for making this game accessible to those of us who aren’t Japanese-literate. I really appreciate all your work so far, and I hope you find time to return to it soon.

  5. Thank you so much for translating and uploading this! I’ve always wanted to play F/E CCC for a while and having your translations to read while playing the game is really helpful and I appreciate that you take the time to do this. Sweet job~ ❤

  6. Good day fella,
    I am a fan of your works from Vietnamese community. I admire your works on Fate/Extra CCC a lot.
    May I ask to get an oppoturnity to translate your works into Vietnamese, because I want people to get to know Gilgamesh more aside from his version in FGO game. Of course I will give all credit to you with direct link to this site.
    If it not inconvenient, please give me your answer. I hope I didn’t offense you, I’m not intend to give a bad impression.
    Best Wishes,

  7. Thank you so much for making this translation! There’s no other way I could have possibly experienced Fate CCC. The translation is great and the formatting, writing, everything is fantastic. Again, I really appreciate it!

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