Entry Index


Entry 1: Data Entry | Entry 2: A conversation with Issei | Entry 3: Talking to weird people in closets | Entry 4: Hakuno has a transcendental encounter with some lady’s breasts, somehow escapes with her life | Entry 5: A chat with Shinji and Leo | Entry 6: My classmates are scandalized | Entry 7: Rani assumes artistic control | Entry 8: A lapse of unconsciousness | Entry 9: A talk with Rin | Entry 10: Hakuno meets Sakura | Entry 11: Hanging out with Sakura | Entry 12: The noise comes | Entry 13: On the roof | Entry 14: Falling | Entry 15: Hakuno encounters the Absolute

Chapter 1: Backyard of Eden

Entry 16: We’re all wizards, now stop asking questions | Entry 17: It’s hard to talk to the King of Heroes | Entry 18: Hakuno has never heard of the Epic of Gilgamesh | Entry 19: Greetings from Team Harway | Entry 20: The Tsukumihara student council is off to a rough start | Entry 21: Scouting: Gatou | Entry 22: Scouting: This guy again | Entry 23: Scouting: In a closet | Entry 24: Scouting: Kiara and Andersen | Entry 25: We have a plan (extra) | Entry 26: Entering the Labyrinth | Entry 27: We have a problem and it is mostly Gilgamesh | Entry 28: What we found in the Labyrinth (extra) | Entry 29: Rooming with the King of Heroes | Entry 30: The results are in | Entry 31: If only I had summoned Sigmund Freud | Entry 32: We have so many questionable ethics | Entry 33: Shopping is going to be a harrowing experience | Entry 34: A secret room | Entry 35: That’s not a real secret (extra) | Entry 36: Another secret, another garden | Entry 37: A largely routine meeting | Entry 38: Some people are just classier than others | Entry 39: Get money, get secrets | Entry 40: Keeping things brief | Entry 41: Deep in repression (extra) | Entry 42: Fall to the center of the heart | Entry 43: The Phoenix Wright of destroying girls’ self-esteem | Entry 44: The queen of the moon

Chapter 2: Girl’s Side Laboratory

Entry 45: All BB’s fault | Entry 46: Apparently the Laws of Robotics don’t apply on the moon | Entry 47: BB Channel, educational programming | Entry 48: Back to our scheduled meeting | Entry 49: Rani’s Idolm@ster strategy | Entry 50: Andersen knows what’s up | Entry 51: Rani’s test | Entry 52: Chasing the ideal | Entry 53: Hakuno makes the King of Heroes cry | Entry 54: Arturia isn’t even in this game | Entry 55: Strip dungeon-crawling and another SG | Entry 56: Much ado about clothing and lack thereof | Entry 57: Assorted frivolities | Entry 58: The ever-changing rules | Entry 59: Gilgamesh is displeased (so is BB) | Entry 60: Everyone plays chess | Entry 61: What is fair and what is equal (extra) | Entry 62: Race to the center of the heart | Entry 63: Idol battle 2.0 | Entry 64: Man and/or machine | Entry 65: Just you wait for my life-sized other side!♪ | Entry 66: At least I’m a thinking reed

Chapter 3: Alter Ego / M

Entry 67: A dream of ages past | Entry 68: NPCs and breakfast plans | Entry 69: Spells are cast and plans are made | Entry 70: Humans > Gods and other lessons | Entry 71: Hakuno does some more research | Entry 72: Ridiculously sized | Entry 73: Little girls and monsters | Entry 74: Servants with nothing better to do | Entry 75: Andersen shows us the abyss | Entry 76: Archer thwarts our attempts at productivity, no thanks to Passionlip | Entry 77: Very awkward and very dangerous | Entry 78: Contract negotiations, with BB and Gilgamesh (extra) | Entry 79: What is love? (Hint: Not this.) | Entry 80: Passionlip is unhelpful to everyone (extra) | Entry 81: Hide and go seek | Entry 82: The Jinako maneuver | Entry 83: That wasn’t supposed to happen (extra) | Entry 84: Better off forgotten | Entry 85: Love and hate at the center of the heart | Entry 86: I never asked for this | Entry 87: Push away

Chapter 4: Sick/Home Sink

Entry 88: Continuity confirmation | Entry 89: Arguably unnecessary diversions | Entry 90: Andersen still hates everything | Entry 91: Trail of lies | Entry 92: Fear and leopard print | Entry 93: The wide-open Labyrinth | Entry 94: A life in a box | Entry 95: Nothing worse than a charismatic cult leader | Entry 96: When did we start listening to Gatou | Entry 97: Life and death according to Monji Gatou (extra) | Entry 98: Grand ambitions | Entry 99: Heart going down in flames | Entry 100: We can also help you hate yourself less | Entry 101: The hunger of the moon and the fire of the sun | Entry 102: BB ruins everything


Entry 103: Crawling | Entry 104: I don’t take advise from disembodied voices | Entry 105: Man from the shadows | Entry 106: The sea of the sleeping king | Entry 107: How to catch a star

Chapter 5: Iron Maiden Princess

Entry 108: Regroup and remember | Entry 109: Saving the world on coffee and terrible cooking shows | Entry 110: Hakuno’s investigations continue | Entry 111: Someone else’s dream (extra) | Entry 112: Welcome to the losers’ league | Entry 113: Versus Team Delusional | Entry 114: Hakuno Kishinami, Lady-Killer Extraordinaire | Entry 115: Getting ahead of ourselves | Entry 116: An invitation | Entry 117: Impending doom (gastronomic or otherwise) | Entry 118: The taste of chaos | Entry 119: The DDD | Entry 120: Interlude ~ Fall of the king of worms | Entry 121: Getting nowhere fast | Entry 122: Hacking goes both ways | Entry 123: Desperate times | Entry 124: Antivirus initiative | Entry 125: Too much for these virgin eyes (extra) | Entry 126: Into a heart inside a heart | Entry 127: The double punishment of Elizabeth Báthory | Entry 128: Getting down to the wire

Chapter 6: Alter Ego / S

Entry 129: We need to focus guys, no really | Entry 130: Who needs immortality anyway? (extra) | Entry 131: A valuable detour | Entry 132: The virus and the noble thief | Entry 133: In which Shinji is up to something | Entry 134: Dolls and ghosts | Entry 135: AI awkwardness | Entry 136: Desperate measures | Entry 137: The rewards of cheating (extra) | Entry 138: And my soul hacking | Entry 139: The girl with the diluvian heart | Entry 140: Out of time | Entry 141: Ellipsis

Chapter 7: I love You

Entry 142: Unfinished puzzle | Entry 143: Why we can’t win | Entry 144: Finding the drive | Entry 145: The best plan we have ever made | Entry 146: We don’t rate | Entry 147: Nothing keeps this girl down | Entry 148: Last show on the stage of origin | Entry 149: Farewells | Entry 150: The dream gauntlet | Entry 151: Time to go home | Entry 152: Fight to the end | Entry 153: Remains of a dream | Entry 154: Beyond the end, to other stars


24 thoughts on “Entry Index”

  1. Thank you for the translations. I like the combo of Gilgamesh and Hakuno 🙂

  2. Thank you for the translations.can you update it,i’m so anxious about the stor of chapter 6

  3. Thank you so much.I really love this web!!

  4. I really appreciate this translated game progress log! At least I know what the characters are saying and understand the jokes. But when will you post the ending to this game? I’m also at the final battle now following your game log and would like to read the translations. Also, would it be possible to do a blog with Saber and Female protagonist?

  5. RabbitKing said:

    Thank you so much! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this helped! Read every word!

  6. I’m marathoning the blog and I am loving GIl so much in this. Thank you for the translation.

  7. SmileRen said:

    Is every thing okay? I noticed you haven’t updated since November so I’m getting a bit worried for your well-being (your actual well-being, not the status of your posts)

  8. Hakunon said:

    PLease pleaaaaase continue to translate this, I am so close to the ending!

  9. Leonshadow said:

    Thank you for your hard work, so much! But I’ve noticed that your posts stop around November 2014 and although so close to the end, it’s unfinished.
    Is everything alright? 😦
    Also…is it correct that your talent is employed for a real fan translation?

  10. Heeeey!! We want continuation!!! Pleaaaaase continue this walkthrought, i want to see more of Gilgamesh

  11. i’d pay for this and archer’s route to be fully translated

  12. yuyuy90 said:

    please do saber route

  13. 24/7-apathetic-spiral said:

    I just recently stumbled on your blog and was wondering if you’d do a FeMC with Archer route? ;u;

    I’ve been into Fate/Extra lately and wanting to play the second game after finishing the first!!

  14. Hello there. First of you, I would like to say, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your hard work in translating this game. Having played the original extra some odd years ago (and recently playing it again on an emulator to skip the grinding) When I heard it had a sequel and that it was probably never going to get a localisation and that it was leagues better in the story department I was truly saddened.

    Then I came across this blog by sheer coincidence.

    Thanks to you, I was able to enjoy the game more completely and have a good time while doing so.

    For that, I cannot thank you enough.

    Now, having completed Gil’s route with your help, I eagerly await the playthrough with Nero, the CCC route and any other plans you have for this project. With that in mind, I won’t ask you to rush. This is something you’ve chosen to do because you wanted to do, so I shall patiently await the next update.

    …Also, sorry if this sounds like a formal letter or something, it just came out the way it came out XD

  15. Wow. Thank you very much. I feel like crying after just finishing Gil route along with your translation.

  16. Sandra Candra said:

    Thank you so much for the translation. This is very good if you make archer and saber translation too 🙂

  17. Hakunon said:

    [ SPOILERS ]

    Excuse me, could I ask where the entries ft. Kiara’s fight and defeat are ? I couldn’t find them even after looking through Chapter 7 (where the wikia says it is)

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